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‘international terms of trade’ are terms reflecting the rules of voluntary acceptance by both parties (buyer and seller), about the conditions of transport and delivery of the goods . They are used to clarify the costs of international trade transactions, defining responsibilities between the buyer and the seller, and reflect the current practice in the international transport of goods.

Transport of dangerous goods by air. It contains special provisions on the packaging and the identification of dangerous goods, always under the IATA regulations.

Carriage of dangerous goods by sea. It contains special provisions on the packaging and the identification of dangerous goods.

European Agreement concerning the carriage of dangerous goods by road. It contains special provisions concerning packaging, identification of dangerous goods and security.

transport document for the carriage of goods by road.

transport document for the carriage of goods by air.

Transport document for the carriage of goods by sea.

The taxable weight is a concept depending on the mode of international transport service that we offer freight forwarders. With the exception of the full container FCL, the freight forwarder usually needs to calculate the volumetric weight and then measurable weight.

Volumetric weight: is the equivalent in kilograms of the volume covering the goods. Each type of transportation has its own equivalence and generally the following apply:

  • Maritime groupage (LCL) – Weight volume (kg) volume (m3) x 1,000 – 1 m3 1 Ton
  • Air transport – weight volume (kg) volume (m3) x 167 – 1 m3 167 kg
  • Land transportation (LTL) – weight volume (kg) volume (m3) x 333

Taxable or chargeable, weight is calculated as the highest number among the gross weight and the volumetric weight.

How can I clear by customs my shipment?

To use our services for customs clearance, first you have to authorize us to be your customs broker and provide us with the basic information about your company (authorisation for customs clearance). 1

Then, you will need to provide us the shipping documents and or any information about your shipment. The basic documents required are:

  • Commercial invoice of the seller
  • Packing List
  • In the case of import copy of AWB (air cargo shipments) or B/L (maritime cargo shipments).

In some cases it might be necessary originals EUR 1, FORM A or other Certificate of Origin or other type of documentation depending on the goods, origin or destination.

How can I book my export shipment?

Is easy to make a reservation for an export of goods. You should only send a mail depending on the route that you want to use. Emails are:

  • Airway: Gsm-airgsmsa.es
  • Seaway: Gsm-maritimogsmsa.es
  • Land: gsmgsmsa.es
    • Tanks: 3

    In cases of maritime groupage or air shipments, the necessary data are:

    1 . Origin / destination

    1. Number of packages
    2. Gross weight
    3. Dimensions
    4. Expected date of loading
    5. Type of goods


    In cases of full container or Isotank, necessary details are:

    1. Origin/ destination
    2. Type of container
    3. Expected date of loading
    4. Type of goods

    GSM staff will send you an email with the details of the reservation before shipment.


It consists of the Procedures for export and import of goods by a customs agent. Transacts the DUA (single administrative document) for the customs of the port of origin of its approval to the export of the goods subject to the same. Custom channels:

-Green channel: The Custom agreed to the export of the goods.

-Channel Orange: the Customs request documentary inspection of goods for verification.

-Channel Red: occurs when custom required see the merchandise and inspect.

It consists of the detailed description of a product in order to make easier the identification and customs processing. Rated once the merchandise with their respective tariff heading can determine tariffs and VAT that are applicable.