About Us

En GSM somos un equipo de profesionales con más de cuatro décadas de experiencia y dedicación al sector del transporte internacional de mercancías. Nuestra sede se encuentra en el Edificio Colón de Barcelona, rascacielos emblemático de la ciudad construido en el año 1970 y conocido también como la “Torre Marítima”.

Su emplazamiento en la “Avinguda de les Drassanes” lo convierte en un punto de referencia para las empresas de logística nacional e internacional dada su proximidad al puerto de Barcelona. Esta situación nos proporciona contacto inmediato y personal con la parte ejecutiva del puerto, pudiendo tener así  un control más eficiente de las importaciones y exportaciones que gestionamos.

En GSM no solo contamos con una extensa red de proveedores y agentes por todo el mundo, también disponemos de una flota propia de contenedores cisterna para el envío de líquidos a granel, valor que nos proporciona independencia para transportar  este tipo de mercancía.

Entre nuestras especialidades cabe destacar también el transporte de mercancías peligrosas (ADR) por vía aérea, un servicio especial de tráfico RO-RO por vía marítima y un servicio de grupaje propio, regular y directo a Marruecos por camión o buque.

Nuestras características estructurales nos permiten llevar años sirviendo a clientes de diversas magnitudes, desde multinacionales automovilísticas y químicas hasta pequeñas industrias tradicionales.

certificados GSMSA


Our commitment is to provide an efficient, professional and comfortable transportation solutions for all customers.

To simplify the most complex international transactions for our clients, and therefor liberating them from bureaucracy and concerns, GSM team addresses each case personally and accompanies them during the whole process.

For GSM transportation represents more than just moving goods, much more than sending pallets from origin to destination. For us transportation is, in its essence, a part of human communication and we are proud to contribute on it building bridges between societies around the world.



Nuestra empresa fomenta el trato directo y personal con los clientes y los empleados para establecer así una relación de cercanía y confianza.


Our company encourages personal treatment with customers and employees to establish a relationship of closeness and confidence.


GSM’s professional path would not have been possible without an accountable commitment to all our customers regardless of their size, therefore, we not only have a liability policy covering all risks of our activities, but we also have taken care of acquiring all the quality standards of the sector.


Team work has always been encouraged at GSM in order to get the best result from each individual, along with the closeness and communication with our customers.


To be faithful to our business philosophy and respect the requirements of our customers, we strive to be at the forefront of ecological activities in our work as well as we do in the hiring of shipping lines committed to the environment.


Heading to the twentieth anniversary of GSM foundation during this business exercise, we should consider the development achieved during such a long voyage. In a continuous growing world, more competitive with advanced technology that allows evaluation of any product or service provided even anonymously by telematic means.

We are apparently plunged into a deep reconversion where a significant number of qualified professionals are engaged in inspecting the management of so-called profit-making entities, job generating companies, to their own risk, that have to find a place into the market and try to grow or disappear.

You could practically fill this letter with the list of certifications requested to compete and demonstrate the excellence of the product or service provided, however it is worth to mention those that will really lead us to sustainable growth not only for the company but also for the increasingly deteriorated environment.

That is why we join, not only the most demanding standards of quality, transparency, responsibility and ethics, but with the will to face the evolution of the system itself, incorporating the most basic rules of commitment and solidarity with aid organizations and assistance such as:

“Ecologists in Action” and the “Cram Foundation” in relation to the environmental commitment, always necessary, “José Carreras Foundation” in aspects of health and support for diversity, collaborating with the “Women’s Race in 2019”. Likewise, without forgetting aspects of proximity, our help financing a project for “Arrels Foundation”, and the proximity of the “Nens del Raval Foundation” with different contributions, point to the drift of our professional sensitivity.

It is our desire for improvement that we wish to share with everyone to whom we also contribute our vocation and better willingness to serve.