The Spanish food industry maintains its commitment abroad. Win positions in almost all international markets. Exports grew a 6.1 in 2015 to 25,422 million euros. Another 13,600 million from sales of fruit and vegetables, to reach a total of nearly 42,000 million would be added to that. The figures place the Spanish food industry as the second largest exporter, after equipment. In the whole of the European Union, Spain ranks fourth in exports, behind the Netherlands, Germany and France.

The largest increases correspond to sales in China and Hong Kong, where the rise was 38, as well as the whole of Asian markets which include Korea and Japan, with a strong weight in the meat trade. These countries had been considered as priority by the Federation of industries of food and beverage (FIAB) in its strategy to expand exports. Media industry is valued positively opening other markets such as Saudi Arabia and Morocco, although not consolidated. Negative part highlights the fall of sales in Russia, Brazil and the Philippines.

Despite the importance of sales of Spanish food to other countries and its strong growth, exports to European countries continue to be the heart of the business. The 50 sales corresponds to other States of the Union European and especially to France. United States stays as a current market and future volume and prices, with sales of EUR 1,300 million and a growth of 9%.

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