GSM Team

The GSM Team is composed of 70% female staff and 30% male staff. Together they form a highly qualified team of professionals with extensive experience in the forwarding sector.

In the line of continuous updating, GSM promotes the training and recycling of its team in different fields of specialization as well as in the domain of new technologies and the improvement of foreign language. All of this, in accordance with the objectives plan and the adopted quality systems requirements.

certificados GSMSA


Our company promotes a continuous training program in the following divisions:

BBS Training

Under the principle of BBS (Behavior Based Safety), acronyms that are translated into Spanish as CSS (Conducta Sobre Seguridad), the objective of this training focuses on:

  • Strengthen the safety culture inside and outside the company.
  •  Reduce accidents and incidents.
  • Reduce emissions because of the reduction of fuel consumption.
  • Reduce costs linked to unsafe situations.

LRP Training (Laboral Risk Prevention)

The objective of this training is to promote knowledge of the risks associated with the different activities that take place during the work activity, as well as other matters such as the use of EPI’s, product handling, fatigue, etc.


The knowledge of protection measures during transport, communication of incidents and “Near Misses”, emergencies and associated actions are a great value to our company. Therefore, simulations of both, transport and office security, are carried out within the training.


  • DGR Transport (regulatory updates).
  • Specific training on transported products.
  • DGR goods transportation by plane.


Nowadays, companies are increasingly aware of the need to incorporate CSR criteria, this is why we focus one of the training fields on fostering the ethical and responsible behaviour of all our team.


If you think you share our business values, do not hesitate to contact us and send us your CV through the following link.