The airline, Airberlin has been named “eco-efficient airline” to record CO2 emissions rates lowest among major airlines regular flights. The Organization for the protection of the environment Atmosfair publishes annually its classification, which compares the emissions of gases with greenhouse effect of the 198 major airlines in the world, assessing their efficiency in terms of CO2.

According to its Vice President, this is the result of many years of work aimed at increasing the eco-efficiency. One of its strengths is that its fleet is average only six years (one of the most modern in Europe), others are planning flights, weight reduction and flight procedures, having significant savings of kerosene. Its “Fuel Efficiency Coaching Program” is designed for flight operations and provides continuous training for the crew of flight in the area of eco-efficiency.

Airberlin has achieved in recent years, for its commitment in the field of eco-efficiency, an average of 3.3 liters fuel consumption per passenger-100km.