The Moroccan exports have grown by 15% while the Netherlands have increased their production.

Spanish tomato production is threatened by the low prices of some countries production and the productivity of others. From Morocco, massive imports are being produced at low prices. In addition, the strong increase of the production in others countries community as Holland has sunk the prices in the market Spanish. This situation has had a direct impact on exports. He sector calls for more controls in the imports and measures of help.

The exports of fresh Spanish tomato amounted to 403.338 tons, a 3% less over the same period of the previous year, with turnover one 5.87% lower, according to the data of the first quarter. On the other hand, Morocco exports increased 5 percent, to 178,000 tons.

For the Federation Spanish of producers and exporters of fruits and vegetables (Fepex) are three those reasons that have caused this situation. First, an avalanche of entries of tomato from Morocco without those controls necessary. Secondly, the lack of an alternative market sales that were made in Russia. Finally, there is the increase of production in countries like the Netherlands, where the surfaces of greenhouses almost have doubled in a decade, to the 1,760 hectares in 2016 with a production of 900,000 tons intended for all markets, including Spain, where you can buy Dutch tomato to less than one euro per kilo.

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