Imports from the United Kingdom also will be limited after the departure of the EU

The decision of the British people out of the European Union or Brexit, will have consequences at a global level and, therefore, also for Spanish Economy. While the United Kingdom is not in the Monetary Union. These are some of the consequences of the Brexit to Spain.

Spain depends on, for different reasons, of Great Britain. Spanish dependence on tourism or the high exports with destination the British Isles, join the uncertainty about the future of the pound sterling.

However, not being the United Kingdom within the Monetary Union the consequences of the Brexit for Spain and the other Member States will be softer, although we must not belittle that both will suffer.


Being the main condition of European Economic Union the free movement of people and goods between Member States, the both main effects on the economy of them would be clear. These privileges are one of the reasons why the Government campaigned in favor of keeping the country in the Union, so it seems inevitable that we continue seeing variations in this aspect and more restrictions in the immigration entry to the Islands.

Concerning the goods is not opinion that exports and imports will be more expensive with destination or origin in the United Kingdom by the reappearance of tariff rates.

It Brexit already was having some consequences direct on the British economy, and especially on its currency that had fallen more than one 10% respect to the euro in them last months.

The direct consequences of the Brexit for Spain

Uniting these factors (pound, taxes, borders), tourism, one of the most important sectors of the Spanish economy, can be put to tremble: Information from the INE (National Statistics Institute) of 2015 show as the United Kingdom is, by far, the main transmitter of tourists with more than 15 million visitors (four more than France and Germany 5).

Not there is that forget that, between other things, in favour it export (the tourism is a form of export) the Bank Central European takes several months) taking measures extraordinary for cause that the euro is follow depreciating concerning other large coins. Spain would shudder significantly taking note that, according to a recent report by the World Travel & Tourism Council, 16% of the entire Spanish economy comes from the sector of travel and its linkages.

By what looks like that would be a movement that would harm to the own United Kingdom since raise their imports and exports; but not only to them, also to those who carried out these operations with the British Isles, including Spain and mainly its tourism sector.

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